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But in March, rich collective birthday briefing [2013-3-12]

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In order to enhance team cohesion, increase their sense of belonging, promote company culture construction, formed the good enterprise centripetal force and cohesion
Force, so that each employee to feel the warmth of family company, rich but the company every month organized a staff birthday party, the staff really
Positive feelings to the collective family care, improve employee of the company's identity and sense of belonging. At noon on March 11th, the company leadership and March birthday
Japanese colleagues have a joyous gathering, to share the good times.
"Birthday song" music sounded, the birthday party scene full of romantic color, is brimming with the happy smile, "Shouxing" are sitting in one
Pleasant conversation. Birthday will open heavy curtain in charge of the company management department vice minister Hu drop. In the happy birthday song, the company leadership and
"Shouxing" sing Happy birthday song, lit the candles, make a good wish in the candlelight, the common wish longevity are from year to year peaceful,
I wish the rich but company a better future, and the symbol of sweet, happy, healthy birthday cake to every "longevity". The next
Company where total for longevity are sending a birthday gift and blessing, wish you Happy birthday, health, life Good luck and happiness to you. On behalf of the king of longevity
Yong moved to say: "thanks to the company, so that we can in the busy work more than feelings of happiness, happiness, and the warmth of home, but my company is rich
Our common homeland, let us work together to create a better tomorrow, we work together, hold the office in his ordinary position, with their own
The weak force, Jin Xin adds a little light". Blessings, warm scene led to longevity are difficult to conceal inner excited and happy
Centenarians, who published birthday speech, wish the company have a good future. We shared a collective birthday will open up a fresh outlook.
The staff collective birthday will provide a good platform for the communication between company and employees, the company expressed concern for employees, to
The efforts of the staff recognition, respect and care for employees. The staff of life value, and increase the cohesion, centripetal force staff
Enthusiasm, reflects the company's people-oriented management purposes.



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