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Warm congratulations on the opening of the branch of in Wuhan [2013-8-6]

2013/12/1      view:

The morning of August 5th, in a festive firecrackers, Foshan Fu Wei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. after the opening of the Shenzhen branch and a branch -- Wuhan Branch Grand opening.
Foshan Fu Wei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Wuhan branch opening, rich but the company added a new economic growth point. Company is mainly engaged in auto parts and related mould research and development, production and sales.
Wuhan Branch of the successful establishment and formal operation, is the crystallization of team spirit and collective wisdom, is an important milepost leaping development. Wuhan Branch is shouldering the important mission to promote the Wuhan area the development of auto parts, but also bear the major strategic objectives with the simultaneous development of headquarters. Some people can become rich, each member feel honored and proud. Also thanks to all of our clients, brothers, friends, partners, employees, because of your support, which makes the rich but will reach to "become a car manufacturer first-order accessories factory, another important milepost to set up first-class professional tooling technology center" as the goal, providing high quality auto parts for the automobile manufacturers, a force for the world automobile industry contribution.
Wuhan Branch Address: Hubei province Caidian District, Wuhan city Zha Shan Bai He Quan Street No. 188



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