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Warmly celebrate the grand opening of [2013-7-24] Shenzhen branch

2013/12/1      view:

In July 23, 2013, Foshan Fu Wei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Shenzhen branch in Guangdong Province Shenzhen city Longgang District Longgang Street fun new Bu Xin Lu, 18, held a grand opening ceremony. The company will continue to adhere to the customer demand, customer satisfaction for the purpose, wholeheartedly with the vast number of old and new friends from all walks of life, hand in hand to create brilliant!
The rich but auto parts is a full of youthful spirit, full of vitality, full of imagination and creativity of the enterprise, after several years of sea travel, train our integrity, sound for the way, tough and realistic work style. To market development as the main orientation, excellent resources fully integrate the use of market, strengthen management, improve quality, improve the service reputation, we believe in the superior departments in charge of the leadership, under the community with the help of friends, through their own hard work, rich but will gradually grow, hereby, our company have the concern and support to all our friends from all walks of life to express my heartfelt gratitude.
We are filled with pride, we shoulder heavy responsibilities, let us with hard work and sweat to create and enjoy together better tomorrow! I sincerely wish Shenzhen branch opening business, career be on the upgrade.



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