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The firecracker sound bid farewell to the old year, Foshan rich but new year [2013-2-18]

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In February 18, 2013, Foshan rich but Auto Parts Co., the company ushered in the new year's first day at work. This day, the company is full of festive atmosphere, a "happy new year, May you be happy and prosperous!" can be heard without end, have a smile on everyone's face, be in fine fig greeted the first day on the job.
At the same time, Foshan rich but Auto Parts Co., the new year started offering ceremony began in a lively atmosphere. Every employee with a sincere heart to pray, a rich new but the company to flourish, Caiyuanguangjin, staff health, get rich; at the moment, the hearts of all staff also carries forward the good wishes, determined to in the new year, work harder upwards, create their own the value for the company. The so-called: "a the sound of firecrackers bid farewell to the old year", along with the sound of firecrackers sounded, all Yama Fuhito clapping applause, which indicates that in the new year, the development of rich but companies will carry all before one, business more prosperous. This means 2013 will be a new beginning of rich but the company, a new take-off.
In 2013, Foshan rich but Auto Parts Co., the company will continue to "become a car manufacturer first-order accessories factory, become the first-class professional tooling technology center" as the goal, to provide high quality auto parts for the automobile manufacturers, a force for the world automobile industry contribution. The rich but of all my colleagues of the company I wish happy new year from all walks of life, the year of the snake down, all wishes come true! Also thanks to all our brothers, friends, partners, employees, wishes everybody in the new year happy, happy!



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