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In the rich but the personnel training system, training system is an important part, is also rich in one of the best system but reputation. On the training method, rich but the hybrid training, including on-the-job training, external training, online training, distance training etc.. The on-the-job training is one of the most core part, including one on one training, mentoring

The 1 one on one training system
One on one training system, namely the direct supervisor subordinate to a specified culture with the help of a pair of. Each employee from the first entered the company, will have a direct supervisor to guide the work, this is a real business training, the training content will include human communication skills, every little thing processing etc.

2 mentoring
Mentoring in a similar mentoring operation, after the process of two-way choice, the "master" (Mentor) will own practical experience to teach "the students" (Mentee), listen to the confusion and distress to his life and difficulties, at the same time to own experience told him that the company notice, in the firm. Culture details and how to carry out the work and so on, and continuously from the side of advice and support.

3 rich and colorful training
Rich in different departments only will establish the training content and system is not the same. The training includes for the corresponding training new staff skills training, staff promotion or after the change. According to the different stages of the demand for staff to provide a variety of elaborate courses.


The company is now rich but few using internal promotion system of enterprises. Internal promotion system has become one of the rich but obvious form of enterprise culture is rich, but with the core system, but also an important source of rich but to achieve competitive advantage. With the rich but the company grow and grow together employees pride and sense of ownership to maintain the company's cohesion.
And promoting from within another system is closely related to the rich but the rotation system, namely the employees to change jobs after enough work experience, to different departments or different areas continue to work, namely the cross sector rotation. Companies in the rotation problem will respect their ideas, and strive to provide more opportunities to achieve their personal choice.

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