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Culture is the soul of an enterprise. If the enterprise does not have a cohesive culture, the enterprise is very difficult to development; and the enterprise culture once created, its value and meaning will be beyond the enterprise, also beyond the psychological, it not only for the enterprises to create, it also created a business.
As a professional car manufacturers, Foshan rich history that has gone through eight years of. In eight years, Foshan rich but the largest energy input work, one is to create a cohesive team, the two is to create a healthy development stage, the three is to create a lasting deep enterprise culture. In eight years, Foshan rich but from two order matching factory into first-order supporting enterprises. Review history, rich but Foshan, Outlook Express the Quartet's future, Yama Fu is developing continuously, its reason is many, but a very important one is to stick to the "people-oriented, Yikeweizun" as the core of the enterprise culture. The outstanding enterprise culture with Yama Fuhito grow, and continue to be implemented in practice, which makes the Foshan rich but in market competition remain invincible. The main body of enterprise culture rich but Foshan Foshan rich but four aspects:
One, insist on team spirit
Foshan rich but success is to rely on the collective wisdom and strength to complete, and does not depend on a person's wisdom and strength to complete. In actual work, personal interests and the overall interests of the enterprise com., to "factory Hing my favor, plant failure, I lose" concept into the conscious action of employees, so that "everyone has the enterprise below the heart, heart, twist into a rope", fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, enhance team spirit and competitiveness.
Two, adhere to the "people-oriented"
The first-class service to rely on the first-class enterprise to provide, and first-class enterprise is to rely on the first-class talents to maintain. Foshan rich but each employee as a "person", rather than simply the employment relationship. Foshan rich but to make every employee's potential and talent to get the best play, let the staff with rich but Foshan constantly respect, trust, understanding, concern for each employee, incentive rationalization proposals, to promote the openness of factory affairs, further enhance the employees' sense of participation; two is to promote effective employee learning, ability to work based assessment the system provides a broad platform for the development of each employee; the three is the implementation of democratic management, the affinity of leadership, strain every nerve to each employee in Foshan rich but career to become a pleasant, happy experience.
Three, advocate the "loyalty, dedication, hard work, innovation"
Do not trust each other, nothing done; to establish trust relationship, we must emphasize loyalty to the enterprise, to the cause of. Loyalty is no help, be conscientious and do one's best, dedication; dedication is bear hardship without complaint, a light, a hot spirit. Only the loyalty to sacrifice, only loyalty and dedication, in order to form a good interactive relationship between the individual and the company. Aggregate Yama Fuhito dedication will constitute a rich spiritual wealth but Foshan company. The success of any business conditions is the most basic work, unremittingly, diligently, will achieve the goal; but hard work, must have the innovation and beyond, to make the work more superstratum building, change rapidly. Innovation must be learning, knowledge, information ability innovation.
Four, adhere to honesty and credit
In the new situation of the socialism market economy, Foshan rich but always think honesty is the most basic requirement of an enterprise's occupation ethics, credibility is the fundamental rules of conduct in business. Honesty: honesty, connotation of genuine goods at a fair price, not resort to deceit. The second meaning is a matter of conscience, sincere, not false not false, be considerate service, do not speak in a. The third meaning is sincere, with a sincere attitude to listen to the views of customers, regardless of the identity of the customer. Letter: reputation, it is the embodiment of the results of the work, the crystallization history of eight years, is the best embodiment of Foshan rich but a gilded signboard. The enterprise has a credibility, has everything, no credit will be difficult to survive and develop.
In the development of the times, the society is in progress, the only constant innovation and development of this unique corporate culture, to the fierce market competition, to create a prosperous, full of vigor and vitality of the enterprise.

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