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Foshan City rich but Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1, 2005, production and sales development, mainly engaged in auto parts and die as one of the high-tech enterprises. Production of automobile, motorcycle, relating to the field of pipe fittings, household appliances and other industries. Located in Guangdong Province, Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan Kohler Road No. 31, is a rich but industrial Limited by Share Ltd 60%; Moonstone Holdings Limited 40% investment in the mainland of foreign enterprises, registered capital of 6000000 US dollars, the plant covers an area of 16500 square meters.
Since the establishment of the company, to "cultivating talents, research and innovation, energy saving, quality first" as the management concept of the company. Pay attention to personnel training, pay attention to initiative to individual factors to bring the impact can not be ignored; our team is full of vigor and vitality, grow in the continuous innovation, knowledge and technology with the continuous accumulation of update time, has become an important capital to us; our by members of professional talents., they not only brought a first-class technology, but also brought the advanced concept.
The product of the pursuit of excellence is our eternal faith, is to carry out ISO9000, ISO14001 standard is just the beginning, then we will be in accordance with international practice to improve our quality control system, quality control will be a part of every employee.
For customers and partners is our integrity action criteria. We treat every friend to be honest attitude, many partners because of our trust and we come together. We will also follow this rule to treat every customer of us, with a sincere return them to the rich but trust, sincere return to society, to contribute to the development of Chinese automobile industry!
Company name: Foshan City rich but Auto Parts Co. Ltd.
In Guangdong Province: No. 31 Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan Kohler Avenue
Set up time: November 1, 2005
The registered amount: $6000000 US
Investment: the rich but industrial Limited by Share Ltd 60%; Moonstone Holdings Limited 40%
Major customers: BYD, Foshan Fengfu. Wuhan Jinfeng auto parts. Taiwan rich but industry. Kato Yasuna (Nissan). Panyu three Shen (Southern China Eagle motorcycle)
Using the area: 15000 square meters
Staff: 178 (2013 September)
The production of items: Die / car exhaust system folder / fixtures and equipment design and manufacture

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